Matt & Taylor – COLORADO

Matt & Taylor’s wedding was near Colorado Springs in Florissant at the TihsreeD Lodge. I was initially there for videography but were asked to capture a few images as well. The color film is Ektar 100.



Dana & Kody

A Texas Church wedding mostly indoors due to the summer heat. Ilford 3200 is often my choice of black and white film stock in low light situations for a vintage romantic look to even the most ordinary spaces. Portra 800 was my choice in color film.

oklahoma wedding photographer  Oklahoma wedding photographer

Fine art wedding photographer - OKLAHOMA, COLORADO, TEXAS
@FilmbySara is a fine art destination wedding photographer.





Sarah & Misha

Outdoor wedding ceremony, Indoor wedding reception at the well lit Festivities Event Center wedding venue in El Reno, Oklahoma. Not too far west of Oklahoma City. The lighting indoors is amazing for natural light.

35mm and medium format film photography with Ilford delta 3200 black and white, portra 800, and fuji 400h film stocks. Occasional use of flash when necessary.

Rachel & Kyle

Film Photography: 35mm & 120mm medium format
Film Stocks: Ilford Delta 3200 black and white, Portra 800 & Fuji 400h
Mostly indoor low light with use of natural light. Some use of flash for variety.

Rachel & Kyle’s wedding at The Marland Mansion of Ponca City, Oklahoma. This is a great wedding to view if you are looking into a very low lit venue and use of film photography. There are many different ways to photograph any scenario. I usually prefer film and use of natural light but when in this low lit wedding venue I chose to use flash on occasion in order to use color film to add variety. Ilford Delta 3200 is a very grainy film that I love. If you don’t love the look of film grain you will not enjoy this black and white film stock.

Kathryn & Ryan – LAS VEGAS

This is a short highlight of a quick Las Vegas wedding above. The focus of this wedding was on video with some photography.

The first three images are film on medium format fuji 400h and the rest of the images are digital photography.

A Las Vegas wedding at The Linq Silver Sky Chapel. The quickest wedding I have ever filmed or photographed. Posed Portraits were not a huge priority. Aside from this sneak peek, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

All of my wedding photography packages include all images and videography packages include two highlight films and select cut raw footage.