About Me

I am Sara Combs, a photographer, wife, mother of dogs (3) and an INTJ (MBTI personality type). When I’m not traveling the nation in a conversion van, camping and exploring the outdoors with my dogs and cameras, I’m drinking a lot of coffee and tea, reading many books, watching Korean dramas and taking way too many photographs. I really love film photography, coffee and outdoor adventures. I am originally from Oklahoma. I was married in 2011. Our little family travels all of the time for our work and other adventures.



I frequent the South & East Coast, Colorado, Florida, New England, Texas & Oklahoma. I am available for weddings and commissions nationwide.


Photographic Style


My approach to capturing people is always candid. Even with the “posed” portraits or editorial looks, I try to not ask anyone to do much out of the ordinary in order to avoid a contrived look. I prefer the documentary or photojournalistic style to capturing the majority of a wedding and then a short session for those editorial looks to capture the couple along with any other photo requests.

Film Photography

Ideally I would choose to photograph a wedding entirely with film photography if the budget allows. I would use black and white film for indoor and low light use, probably Ilford Delta and I would use Fuji 400h for color outdoor & well lit situations unless otherwise requested. There are a lot of beautiful color films. I prefer not to use flash, unless I have to. Sometimes at low-lit wedding receptions to use color film. I prefer to use black and white for receptions and low-lit areas.

Black & White

Although I prefer film photography AKA analogue photography, I also will shoot digitally. Digital has it’s cons but it’s still great for photojournalism at weddings on a budget and your photographs turn-around is much sooner. I prefer to edit most of my digital photography in Black & White. Digital cannot compare to the color gamut of film. If you do go the digital route, I’d recommend your edits be in Black & White. Maybe add on a roll of film for $35 (36 exposures of color) for variety.


Wedding packages or price list?

Please contact me directly at hello@filmbysara.com with inquiries. All weddings or any creative project is very different.  I cater to small, intimate, elopement weddings and late-notice weddings, as well as offer full coverage fine art coverage.

Elopements and late notice bookings for digital photography start at $1000 or less for hourly.

Fine art wedding coverage starts at $2500. These are weddings photographed completely with film, 35mm and medium format. 

You can view my price list here.


Photography & Video Sessions

I photograph sessions and make short films. Mostly for engagements, bridals, or editorial sessions for high school seniors. Contact me with any inquiries at hello@filmbysara.com

Wedding FILMS

I’m new to video in contrast to photography. I’ve been a film photographer since 2006 and began creating wedding films in 2016. If you’d like to see samples of this kind of work and more of my wedding or session highlight films, check it out HERE.


Digital vs. Film Photography

Not everyone can see/feel the difference, but if you prefer film let’s chat about it.
Not all film is equal. Each film stock gives a different look. 35mm films have around 36 exposures per roll and medium format has 12-24. I’d love to use a stock that gives you the look you want most so let me know your preferences.
Digital has it’s cons but it’s still great for photojournalism at weddings and your photographs turn-around is much sooner.

Film photography is what we used before digital cameras. Digital cameras give us results quicker but I believe they lack the souls that film can capture. Film photography is like oil painting on canvas, as digital photography is to digital art. There is a depth & softness to the film I cannot capture with digital cameras. Film is timeless, digital will likely look dated in the future.