Oklahoma wedding videographer and photographer

Fine art filmmaking and analog photojournalism

Hello, I am Sara Combs AKA @FilmbySara across the web and social media. I capture love stories with photography or short films.

Oklahoma & Destinations

I travel nationwide to capture wedding stories

Annual travel locations include Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida & New England. Wherever your wedding day, please feel free to contact me. Session photography and short films are also available within Oklahoma every year. Follow along on Instagram for travel updates. I will be spending a lot of time this year in North Carolina!

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Fine art photography and short films

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Visit my VIMEO to view all my short films

Photography & Short Films

Packages for both

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I photograph weddings with film or digital photography.  What’s the difference? Film photography uses real film stock. It’s the real chemistry of photography. I love to use it because it captures the shadows and highlights the way I prefer. The color is spectacular and the Ilford Delta 3200 black and white film is still irreplaceable.

Film photography is more expensive and not many people can tell the difference. There are a lot of little details I can type up here about why it’s better but if you don’t feel the difference when you see it then I would recommend digital.

Wedding photography packages start at $1600

Wedding videography packages start at $1300


Short Films & Sessions

I create short films AKA highlight films of weddings and other sessions.

All wedding videography packages include two highlight films and a montage of select raw footage.

I also offer combination wedding packages that focus on either video or photography in order to capture both.

In addition to capturing wedding stories, I love to photograph and create short films for families, engagements, businesses and other fun creative ventures.

I am available for sessions in Oklahoma and North Carolina this year.

Photo or Video Sessions start at $250


Post Wedding Video Editing

I am now offering post wedding video editing!

Capture your own wedding with the help of friends and family.  Send the video files to me and I will put together a highlight film. The more video footage you have the better.


Post wedding video editing starting at $500


You can contact me at hello@filmbysara.com for more details.


I love what I do. I travel and I document life. I am blessed to have the opportunity to do what I truly love. Thankful that both my husband’s work and mine allows us to travel so much in our beautiful country and capture all the stories that words cannot tell.